Welcome to my small, but carefully positioned footprint in the world wide web. With over 10 years of industry–related experience, I made the decision to specialise in front–end development towards the end of last year, 2012. Having been fortunate to work with and learn from some very smart people over the years, I feel that the knowledge I’ve gained, combined with my passion for the work I do will ensure I continue to be successful in my career.

Having completed a Computer Science Diploma in 2002 at CTI after matriculating at Wynberg Boys’ High School, my career as a web developer began. In hindsight, I was fortunate to be exposed to the Open Source world of software (web) development at this early stage. My first job was as a PHP developer at Generator New Media, I gained valuable insight in to technologies such as Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP affectionately known as LAMP. It was during this time that I have my first recollection of gaining knowledge from the internet in the form of A List Apart who continue to post invaluable content related to web standards and best practices.

A lot has changed since those early days — mostly, for the better. Working as a Java developer at RED–i, I gained experience working in an enterprise development environment. I became familiar with technologies such as Grails and jQuery. Working in an IDE was also a welcome change from the text editors of old. Methodologies such as Agile, version control through SVN and the project–tracking software JIRA were now a part of my daily routine (shout–out to Simon).

Most recently, having worked at Hellocomputer, I explored and started to understand the latest advancements in HTML and CSS with the arrival of HTML5 and CSS3. It was during this time that I began to see the value in the front–end developer as a specialist role — key to the success of a project. This combined with clever strategy, great design and solid back–end code, should always result in successful work.


  1. HTML5
  2. XHTML
  3. CSS2
  4. CSS3
  5. JavaScript
  6. jQuery
  7. PHP
  8. MySQL
  9. CodeIgniter
  10. WordPress

The latest copy of my CV is available for you to download.