Two years on the job

Today marks almost exactly two years since I started my current job working for Quint at InQbate. From learning Vue.js to travelling to the UK, it seems like a good time to reflect on a whirlwind experience so far.

Pattern Library ✨

As the second member of InQbate, my role and responsibilities focused on our B2C front-end. This involved creating a pattern library (aka style guide or UI toolkit). It brought consistency to the application from a design perspective. And also made ongoing enhancements and new feature development a breeze.

We have since deployed the pattern library on 4 separate domains (three B2C and one B2B). There was a lot of refactoring and standardizing of design elements across the brand. But it has proved to be successful from a performance and standardisation perspective.

Vue.js Single-page Application 🚀

In 2017 our team began building a Single-page Application (SPA). We decided to use the JavaScript framework, Vue.js due to the product requirements. And based on recommendations from one of my colleagues at the time. With a lot of trial and error, as well as hours spent on a great Udemy course, we made it!

I also dived into the fascinating world of ITCSS architecture by Harry Roberts. This inspired me to create my own ITCSS boilerplate as a side project.

Laravel PHP Framework 🛠

I am more or less comfortable working in Laravel, although I still do not consider myself a full stack developer. It has been great making updates to our applications and extend existing functionality.

Sometimes you need to get stuck in and do things outside of your area of expertise. There is definitely a gap when integrating back-end and front-end technologies. So I have enjoyed helping out in this regard.

Travelling to the UK ✈️

Two trips to the UK in 2017 were a great experience. My first one to Manchester in June was a nice opportunity to meet my extended colleagues. And the second, in December, was for an epic Christmas Party.

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Work is tough.

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The only downside to travelling to the UK in December is the weather! Snow is great, except when it causes delayed flights which meant a night spent in Schiphol Aiport.

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This could take a while. 😨

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Note: an airport floor is not a comfortable place to sleep. 😧 All the airport hotels were fully booked and we did not have visas to enter Amsterdam.

2019… 💥

I have started to slowly work my way through a React course on Udemy. It is great learning something new and I look forward to progressing through the rest of the course.

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